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((How to [Flush] a Water Heater))

Part 1 : Flushing of the heater

1- Locate an electric heater breaker / fuse box or a gas heater thermostat

2- Disable the circuit or fuse powering the electric water heater or turn the thermostat on a gas heater to "Pilot."

3- Turn off your supply of cold water by rotating the clockwise water shut-off valve.

4- Open the sink or tub's hot water faucet.

5- Connect a garden hose, at the bottom of the radiator, to the drain cock or lock.

6- Extend the garden hose to a position where it is safe to discharge the water from the heater.

7- To allow the water to exit the heater, open the drain cock.

8- After a few minutes of flushing, fill a "check" bucket with the still flowing water.

Part 2 : Finishing Up

1- Close the cock drain and remove the hose from the garden.

2- Turn on the water supply and fill the tank.

3- Close the drain for the water heater.

4- Turn on the water supply and wait for the continuous running of the hot water line.

5- Switch off the spigot for the shower.

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